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Greece Photo Workshops is a photography trips, tours and holidays

initiative for people who share a passion for photography, travel and sophisticated living. It’s an idea that encompasses more than just photography, travel and stay; we, at Greece Photo Workshops aim to share the heart and soul of Greece with you, in a whole, unforgettable photographic experience.

Our vision

Greece Photo Workshops is based on the universal truth that the best way to discover and get to know a place is through the locals. Our photography workshops’ principle is the basic rule of the arts: first, feel; then, create.

Our vision at Greece Photo Workshops is to reveal all the amazing, yet-to-be discovered places in Greece with a select group of people who share our passion for travel, photography and sophisticated living.

Capture the essence of Greece

Greece Photo Workshops is an initiative of photography trips & tours for people of all skill levels, from the hobbyist to the accomplished professional.

With our photography trips, we aspire to bring together like-minded people eager to explore and truly experience Greece while learning or further polishing their skills in photography.

To this end, renowned professional photographers with a wealth of experience are part of our team.


Committed teachers and avid travellers themselves, our photographers will instruct on-location in the most stunning parts of Greece and guide you through the Photo Workshop with respect to your personal style and goals.

We are proud to have some of the best photographers in Greece lead our photography workshops.