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Please contact us if you have any further questions. We will be happy to assist you.

Can I bring family or friends with me?
Οf course. Your friend(s) or family member must pay the same fee as all of our photographer guests. We are sure that they will have a great time too as the photography tours and the entire daily program includes great places/sightseeings time for fun and relax nice local food and good company. So you are welcome to come with your company and who knows… joining us maybe he/she will be inspired by the place, the team spirit and the magic of the lens and be finally challenged to follow the photographic spirit of Greece Photo Workshop. So just advise him to bring a camera as well.
Can we book as a group?
Yes, we also offer discounts to groups of 3 to 6 or more. If you’re a group of friends or photography group or family, we would be happy to make you a special offer. Please email us to info@greecephotoworkshops or call 0030-6944 588 344 for more information.
What type of camera should I bring?
DSLR’s or Mirrorless are preferred, but todays high-end compact cameras are very impressive. In addition, its recommended you bring a lightweight tripod, extra memory cards and a laptop. Once completing registration, you will be contacted by the instructors via e-mail and you will be sent the full list of the prerequisites.
Can we participate in the workshop only, without the rest of the organized trip, and
if so, what would be the cost?
We will be happy to have you in our team for the p/w or any other activity we have planned. You will just have to take care of your own transport on the island. Please, don’t hesitate to send us your contact details (eail and phone number) so we can inform you on the cost depending on the workshop that interests you, as well as for any other detail.
Do you offer private photography workshop vacations?
Yes, we offer private photo workshops vacations or just workshops, for individuals, couples, families and groups. We can customize any of our scheduled destinations to meet your individual needs, budget and interests.

Tinos workshops
Besides our instructor, will there be a tour escort from your office throughout the entire p/ w?
Certainly! Apart from our instructor who will be accompanying you throughout the p/w, there will also be a tour escort from our company who will be in charge of the good implementation of the schedule, and for your pleasant and smooth stay in the island. Therefore, please don’t forget to submit all the details we ask for in our registration form concerning your special food preferences, any pharmaceutical care you might need, as well any other personal detail.
What’s not included?
  • Your arrival and departure flights and ship from Rafina port to Tinos.
  • All transfers from the time you arrive in port and back are included unless you would like to decline from the schedule. At that case please advice us.
  • All breakfasts, snacks and 2 dinners are included. So, is just some meals you have to count. The average cost of a meal is about € 20.
  • Travel insurance isn’t included. If desired please contact us.
I am used to luxurious holidays and accommodation. Should I forget about luxury in Tinos?
All your basic needs will be covered! You mustn’t perhaps expect luxury in the sense of a 4 or 5-star hotel, in particular when it comes to room service and other facilities. Your holiday in Tinos will have all the simple luxuries that a small Greek island can offer, and we will make sure you enjoy every single one of them! A WiFi Internet connection of course, and any other technological support we need for our photo workshop, cleanness, warm hearted hospitality, good food, and pleasant company. In Tinos you will live the experience offered by the contact with the Greek nature, the abundant light and the clear blue sea, the refreshing wind of the Cyclades and the Greek element of the locals and their habits and traditions.
Can I combine the photo workshop in Tinos with other destinations in Greece? Could you guide me on that?
Of course! What a great idea! It is very easy to get to other Cycladic islands from Tinos in the summer since the ferry connections are very frequent (Mykonos, Andros, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, or even combine a few days of stay in Athens (before or after the P/W). Whatever you’re thinking of doing, we can provide you with advice.
Concerning the Workshop in Tinos, we’ve read that it is usually very windy in August.
Could this make things difficult for the P/W and anything else we have to do on the island?
On the island we are all used to a light breeze which is often beneficial since Greek summers can get very hot. We recommend our visitors to embrace and love this element of the island since it adds to the culture of the island, its way of life, its architecture, and even its agriculture! Tinos’ honey and vegetables are amongst the best in Greece because the wind carries all essences and riches of nature to all cultivations. And do not forget: The weather’s imperfections are often behind some of the best photos!