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Elizabeth, photo enthusiast, Canada
Tinos workshop, August 2017
“I thoroughly enjoyed photo workshop in Tinos with workshop leader Maria and photography coach Nikos Kokas. Maria is super friendly and helpful and has a great sense of humour. Nikos is also funny, a real character actually. He is meticulous in his approach to photography and to teaching and conveys his knowledge and experience clearly and enthusiastically. The photo locations and lessons were well thought out and the knowledge I gained was invaluable. My only complaint is that Nikos can sometimes be impatient and a little harsh in his criticisms, though I think he means well and wants to push his students to be the best they can be."
Anna, photo enthusiast, UK
Private workshop. Athens, July 2016
“I really enjoyed the evening; it was great being shown location spots and being given composition tips to achieve more unusual photos. We also got to experiment with external flash which I have never done before. Menelaos was the perfect guide/instructor. ."
Alicia Hernadez - Groupe scolaire du lycé français de Zurich
Athens, April 2016
“Great experience. We were a group of students and we wanted to see Athens in a different way. GPW prepared a special tour for us and we had a great afternoon, taking photos in places that we had ever found on ourselves."
Juliana, advanced photo enthusiast, Switzerland
Athens, October 2015
“The workshop was exactly what I wanted. No teachings about stuff we can easily find on the internet, but more “what to look for”. I think I improved my “eyes” a little bit. Also, greek food."
Eileen, advanced photo enthusiast, UK
Mani Peninsula, April 2015
“We had a great time with excellent help & feedback from the tutor. Maria certainly worked overtime sorting out the inevitable problems that tend to arise on any trip. The accommodation & food was excellent. Although some of the coastal villages we visited were somewhat similar, we always had a different challenge to think about which made it more interesting. I would have liked a return visit to the almost deserted village of Vathia. I could also have spent more time at Patrick Leigh Fermor’s house (I realise this was arranged specially so perhaps not posssible), but I felt slightly unprepared & found the change to photographing interiors rather difficult – but that was my problem! Altogether it was a most enjoyable trip with great company, well organised and with constant feedback from a really good tutor."
David, advanced photo enthusiast, UK
Mani Peninsula, April 2015
“As I have mentioned this was one of the best and most enjoyable photo workshops that we have been on. ..For me the best locations were Vathia and Patrick Lee Fermoy’s house. (I know the latter was a late but very fortunate addition to the programme and it might not be possible to repeat it.) I would have like to have had two sessions at each of these with a review of everybody’s work (including Nikos’s) after the first visit in each case. "
Felicity, photo enthusiast - UK.
Athens, March 2015
“I started the photo workshop as a complete beginner and came away feeling so much more confident using my camera. I live in Athens so know the city well, but really saw it in a different light through the workshops. Nikos was a fantastic tutor, and Maria and Stella the perfect hosts. Highly recommended! "
Isabelle, amateur photographer - France.
Tinos, July 2014
“I came to the Tinos photography workshop completely unexpectedly, just because some friends, who were already on holiday there, were going to join. I made the right decision! It was one of the best experiences of my holidays! I got the chance to visit some places which I would never have found by myself! The photographer chose some well - hidden locations! But even when we visited places which I had already seen, like St Mary’s (Panagia) church and the port, with Nikos’ help (our photographer) it was like I was seeing them for the first time. I was seeing these places from a different perspective, I learnt a lot about photography and in the end I was looking at my 'works' during the review and I couldn’t believe it! I’ve started to become what people might call a 'good photographer'. Thank you so much for everything! "
Franc, amateur photographer - Germany
Tinos, August 2014
“I’m not very good at praising services and people. This time though I even decided to send these few lines! The experience from the island and the photography workshop will remain unforgettable. The organising was flawless, the hospitality and personal care were greater than every expectation and the way which the workshop was conducted did not, even for a moment, make me feel incompetent in relation to the rest of the people there. The schedule of course was quite intense, but looking back and thinking about the whole trip, I can see that everything was planned in such a way so as to lead us to the perfect result! Thank you very much my friends! Keep me a place for next summer! "
Sergios, photo enthusiast - Greece
Athens photo workshop April 2014
“I decided to take part at one of GPW, workshop to see how far I could get my photos. This was the first time I felt so inspired shooting in my city! I thank Nikos (the photographer) for that. He showed me parts of Athens, ideal photographic spots, I wouldn’t imagine their existence and he made me see and focus on the detail that makes the difference. What made it a real experience? That I was part of a multicultural team - what a great time we had - that we had the same passion for photography and on top of that I shared their eager to explore Athens!!! I felt like a traveller in my own city!"
Tania, beginner - Cyprus
Athens photo workshop April 2014
" Still i cannot believe that I can take the amazing photos I was always jealous about! I finally learned how to use my settings properly and all the potentials of my camera. Now, I can play more with the aperture and ISO on my own. And though amateur I felt very comfortable and with the rest of the group and with our lovely and so so patient photographer Stavros to make again and again the same questions. Thank you Stavros and the lovely ladies of course that took care of me as a family member! I’ll be back..."
David , Photo ENTHUSIAST - Germany
Tinos Workshop September 2013
" I joined Greece Photo Workshops mostly because I knew much about Stefanos (Samios). I really got muuuuch more than I expected from a photography workshop. It’s not only the technique but the different angle to see the theme... Stefanos puts all his money on this.... The locations too, amazing! And what a great time we had all together guys... Tinos.... Spectacular! I am still surprised about this island. Really glad to join!!"
Armand, photo enthusiast – France
Tinos Workshop September 2013
" The island is exceptional. The workshop run all the way so smoothly. No worries for none of us and in a nice, friendly atmosphere... I felt like home! So much fun and still under the ‘strict’ guidance of our instructor! Stella, Maria, Stef, that was by far the coolest workshop I have ever attended! Hopefully we will see each other again!My best moment: The day we spent at Vathi bay. I had a great chill out and it’s there that I took my best photos .The place is so so 60’s. Very special."