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We escaped the dull classrooms to offer an outdoor hands-on photography workshop to be remembered!
A classy, historical city under the photography ‘urbanization’ prisma of the leader-photographer Menelaos, passionate photo-reporter, sticked to the detail that trasforms the whole.
Let’s explore street photography techniques that can help us frame a certain moment. Use Athens’ urban settings to give a special atmosphere, being  part of a small group eager to sharpen its photography skills.


PRICE:  1300 27 - 30 MAY 2017

Athens, the capital of Greece is a magnificent city that combines past and present in perfect harmony. Its unique landscape provides the backdrop for one of the most individual cities in Europe, welcoming people with a thirst for knowledge and beauty. No other capital city in Europe has the combination of so many moments in time imprinted in its subconscious – from ancient Greece, to Ancient Rome and Byzantium and from the Ottomans through to Modern Greece.

An intense city characterised best by its history and decorated perfectly with good food, blue seas, sun and light. The opportunity of seeing Athens’ many faces through the photographic lens and of telling this city’s long and magnificent story through the art of photography is a great challenge for any photographer. During the four days, which this photography workshop provides you with, you will find all of your senses brought together to produce an array of unique photographic images each bursting to tell their own story!

As past is deeply embed in todays city’s modern personality during out photography long-weekend workshop, sight seeing to Athen’s great landmarks will be our big photography challenge along with the challenge of the magical and, at the same time, extremely interesting downtown.

On the arrival day we welcome you to the hotel. Once you’ve settled in, we then all meet to get to know each other while heading to the Acropolis museum. There, through a brief guided tour we’ll have a necessary first aquaintance with the city’s long story. We’ll have the chance for some first shots where is allowded and subsequently our prelimanary interaction with our leader – photographer Menelaos. This first contact, will bring with it an array of questions, queries and answers in preparation for the surprises that our photography tour will give us.  A local cuisine dinner awaits for us after that, at one of the most remarkable places to eat.

We will begin our photography tour day with the neoclassical part of Athens, starting with Syntagma Square and by photographing the parliament and the presidential guards, the highly skilled evzones, as they perform their traditional changing of the guard in front of the monument of the Unknown Soldier. What is it that makes an image radiate individuality? We will see how you could add your own personal touch to images, signs and sites that have been photographed a million times over. We will walk through and around the National Gardens and find ourselves on the street of Herod Atticus, one of the most prestigious streets in Athens where among the luxurious mansions you will find the Presidential Palace and the Maximos Mansion. This will lead us to The Temple of Olympian Zeus an awe inspiring, colossal ruined temple from the 6th century BC. What is remarkable is that this temple not only marks the entrance to the Athenian Historical centre but also to that of a long forgotten 1920s Athens, also known as “Palia Athina” (old Athens). There will be a short introduction to this magical period in Athens when between the 1850s and the1920s intellectualism, art and history walked side by side.

At midday we will take a break for a rest and some food according to individual needs so that early in the afternoon we can gather at hotel’s beautiful lounge for our fisrt day’s review.

The human factor is the central point of the third day of our photography workshop tour. The noisy neighbourhoods of Psyri and Monastiraki are quite easily characterised by the craftsmen in the area who work their magic with jewellery, pots, leather and the well-known handcrafted ancient Greek sandals, made by a plethora of small shops. The abundance of colours and smells in the area test the senses whilst the light in the small streets leading to the area of Plaka teases us around the small narrow streets showing us a path leading to the past. We follow it as it brings us to the ancient area of Kerameikos, as well as one of the first cemeteries in Greece dating back to the 3rd millennium BC where many prominent Athenians were buried. Capturing the mystery and mysticism which hides behind the ruins of the present as you walk along the Hiera Odos (Sacred Way) and bringing to life the Eleusinian mysteries with the lens possibly makes this the most challenging day so far.

After a break for brunch for whomever wishes to do so, in the afternoon we review, under the prisma of our new achievemnets, the results of the second day; the photos taken by all participants, discuss them technically and aesthetically and then explore post-processing options.

The vibrant Athenian night life is all yours, waiting to be explored – we can provide you with some great suggestions!

On the fourth and final day of our photography tour get ready to go on a beautiful and wondrous walk around the Acropolis, Filopappos Hill, Thiseio, and Dionysiou Areopagitou street. All these areas intertwine and produce a magnificent picture of the ancient Athenian past waiting to be captured by your lenses. As you walk the pedestrianised Dionysiou Areopagitou street admiring the houses and passing the ancient Herod Atticus amphitheatre, the Acropolis stands majestically above you watching patiently. Capturing the grandeur of the Parthenon will be a moment to remember. Opposite the Acropolis, Philopappos Hill, taking its name from the spectacular Philopappos Monument erected in 116AD, awaits to be photographed. As you walk through the vestiges of time, from ancient to modern times, through the area of Plaka, it’s white washed houses –Anafyotika- and reach Thiseio – named after the Temple of Hephaestus located in the ancient Agora you would have feasted on an ever changing kaleidoscope of images.

After a short lunch break for whomever wishes to have one, in the afternoon we will have our last review to discuss our photography workshops’ achievements. Discussion and comment about our entire photographic experience will be shared. In the evening a farewell dinner will take place in one of the most fantastic Athenian locations, an evening to remember from a photography workshop which will almost certainly remain unforgettable!

The last day of the photography workshop will start with a relaxed breakfast and management of the last details before your departure for the port or airport. We will exchange our contact details, as well as wishes to see each other again, perhaps in one of our next workshops!



– Accommodation in 4 star hotels: New Hotel or Periscope
– Breakfast is included in the room rate.
– 1 welcome dinner and 1 farewell dinner.
– Local transportation, and transfer with private car to the referred photographic destinations
– Small group size (3-6 per.)
– Photographer & escort to every photography location.
– Tickets for the Acropolis & Acropolis Museum
– Private guiding at the Acropolis museum

*Hotel accommodation is provided on a double occupancy basis.

Single room supplement € 300.
If you would like to participate in the photo workshop without the hotel option, the cost is 750 €.
If you are travelling alone and wish to find a room mate to share a twin bedroom, we will try to match you with another guest of the same sex and desired profile requesting the same.


leader photographer - photo workshops

Born in Patras, Menelaos Myrillas was attracted to photography in a young age. He traveled the world and was lucky to learn the fundamentals about photography by some of the best in the field. He cooperated with the most important Greek Magazine titles and quite a few international ones. He is known for the storytelling character of his work that derives from his need to add both past and future references in present moments. Although inspired by the masters of photography Menelaos is often using modern techniques in order to accomplish a contemporary result.

He was influenced by: John Loengard, Richard Avedon, Robert Doisneau, Dave Hill, Federico Fellini, Orson Welles, Karl Barks, Alfred Hitchcock, Karl Marx and Marx Brothers, DaDa, by flemish painters especially by Johannes Vermeer and some others…

Top tip: Proffessionals talk mainly about the money and prizes, amateurs mostly about the equipment. Real photographers talk mainly about the light.

The month of May in Athens sees spring in full gear, along with the first signs of the summer heat.  Days are filled with sunshine and no threat of rain, with an average temperature of 22°C


The taxi terminal is located just outside the airport arrivals terminal at Exit 3. There is a flat rate of 35 Euros during the day and 50 Euros at night for going to the center of Athens.

The metro is another transportation option available at the Athens International Airport. It is quite easy to use and the charges very consistent. The train station is connected to the airport although one will require to go up a level from the arrivals using an elevator and cross over a pedestrian bridge. You are required to purchase a ticket from the station desk for 8 Euros per person. Trains run every 30 mins (on the hour and half hour) from 0530-0015 (0200 on Fri & Sat nights) and take 40 mins from/to city centre (Syntagma Square)

Express bus
The express bus station is located just in front of the Athens Airport Arrivals. The express bus X95 is the one that goes directly to the Syntagma square. It takes approximately one hour to get to the center of Athens.

Since we will be walking, comfortable shoes are required.

When photographing in archaeological sites or Museums, tripods and flash are not allowed. All photographs in archaeological sites or Museums are for our own personal use, images or using them for commercial purposes requires a special photography license issued by the Greek Ministry for Education and Culture. When we have a street photography tour, you may need to ask people if it is OK to take their picture. If you have a language problem or feel uncomfortable, let us do the talking.

DSLR’s or Mirrorless are preferred, but todays high-end compact cameras are very impressive. In addition, its recommended you bring a lightweight tripod, extra memory cards and a laptop. Once completing registration, you will be contacted by the photography instructors and you will be sent the full list of the prerequisites.


We escaped the dull classrooms to offer an outdoor hands-on photography workshop to be remembered!
A classy, historical city under the photography ‘urbanization’ prisma of the leader-photographer Menelaos, passionate photo-reporter, sticked to the detail that trasforms the whole.
Let’s explore street photography techniques that can help us frame a certain moment. Use Athens’ urban settings to give a special atmosphere, being  part of a small group eager to sharpen its photography skills.


PRICE:  1300 27 - 30 MAY 2017

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