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Our 2018 highlight, a new entry in our photography trips that we are thrilled to share with adventurers photographers.
The majestic scenery of Meteora with the monolithic vertical cliffs, a gift to landscape enthusiasts. The Zagorochoria villages with their unique traditional architecture, settled among the steep slopes of the mountain range and finally to reach the ultimate locale of the mythical Dragon lake on the edge of the cliffs!


PRICE:  2900 23 June -01 July 2018


Millions of opportunities for majestic shots for landscape lovers and not only. Along with the other types of photography we will exploit the superb setting for a special session on night photography. Under the guidance of our expert photographer Nikos Kokkas we’ll have  a lot of good hands-on photography instruction, integrated talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day’s schedule. The experience includes the joy of the company, traditional guesthouse acoomodation, good food, fascinating places to be and time to have fun and relax.

The idea throughout your photography travel workshop is to have daily photo shoots that we can view and discuss at the end of the day.

Although Nikos will provide technical tips and tricks throughout the duration of your photography trip, the workshop will emphasize on what makes images interesting rather than simply technically correct. Provisions will be made so that we may download and quick-view images on a daily basis. Nikos will be available to comment on your images individually. Furthermore, there will be two long group sessions -halfway and at the end of the photo workshop- to review the photos taken by all participants, to discuss them technically and aesthetically, and to explore post-processing options.

Upon registering, you will be contacted by the instructors via e-mail. You will be sent a short questionnaire and a multiple choice test to establish your skill level as well as your photographic needs and wants. This will help instructors prepare for individual counselling.



Day 1
On the arrival day we welcome you to the hotel in Athens. In the afternoon, once you’ve settled in, we’ll  enjoy our dinner at one of the finest urban haunts in Athens. The first theoretical session of the photography workshop takes place during our dinner; Next we will check our equipment and make sure that it’s ready for the outing the following day. This first contact, will bring with it an array of questions, queries and answers in preparation for the surprises that our photography trip will give us.

Day 2
Early waking up to start with our vans, our 4 hours journey to Meteora. As soon as we settle in, at the hotel “Dellas”, we will enjoy some local food in one of the traditional tavernas around. Then the afternoon is all ours to capture the sublime scenery. A scenery composed by the unique formations of the giant suspended sand-rocks of Meteora, topped with Byzantine monasteries echoing the nun chants creating an eerie atmosphere in their isolated and steep standing. Millions of opportunities for superb landscape photography as we reach the scenery from all possible perspectives from bottom up to the top of the rock pillars for a panoramic spectacle.

Day 3
The second day of our photography workshop will be divided between visiting the monasteries and some more selective shots of the landscape. We will focus on monasteries’ life – wherever we are allowed to– as evolved in time, mingling with pilgrims & travelers from all over the world and taking the opportunity for some intriguing photography compositions and themes. Each day will be followed by a critique and editing review led by our instructor through exchanging infos of our shots over our photography assignments.

Day 4
We take off to reach, after 2 hours of great natural scenery, Papigo village in Zagorochoria. There, we will enjoy the homely hospitality of Saxonis guest house. After having a welcome refreshment, we will head for the assignment of the day: The village itself, nesting under the vertical slopes of the surrounding mountains, with its stone built houses of magnificent local architecture and its quaint alleys. A magnificent dinner of local delicacies awaits for us in the afternoon in a nearby terrace to conclude with the review of the day. We have already practiced a lot of types of photography but today’s photography review focuses on what makes a photograph really interesting rather than practically correct.

Day 5
A day to remember as it’s the most adventurous one… Early start to climb up to the brink of the mountain Timfi… A relatively easy path demanding a medium physical condition, will lead us -after 3 hours- to the refuge which is our 1st photographic destination of the day. The panoramic view is breathtaking as the alpine scenery spreads all around along with the vertical rock slopes of Astraka with its imposing cutting edges and ridges, forming one of the most amazing natural parks of europe. Landscape photography at its best moment! After a short break for rest and lunch in the refuge, we continue to cross and photograph the meadows lying among the mountains. And after ascending a small slope, the legendary Dragon Lake reveals itself to us, at 2200 m. height upon the edge of the cliff. The radiant colors of the sky, the soft and sharp lines of the summits all mirrored in the lake’s water, create an extraordinary photography spectacle! A night’s staying over in the refuge is part of the experience..

Day 6
We get back to our base in Papigo to download our photos and enjoy a relaxing midday review, to share and discuss through our images, our personal perspectives on the photography themes. This afternoon is dedicated to photographing the nearby natural river pools and of course having an invigorating dip in the crystal clear water is a must!

Day 7
We are already deeply in love with the place and we want more & more photography challenges. Thankfully, the area is generous enough to give us plenty and diverse options of scenery with its lush vegetation, calm and impetuous rivers, gorges, canyons and historical bridges. Nature photography has its own norms and our instructor will share all the techniques and new approaches for awesome shots. Last night in Papigo and a farewell dinner is a great chance for an overall review of our photography trip.

Day 8
After our last, most delicious homemade breakfast, in our guest house, we are ready to depart for Athens. Our way back includes a few hours’ photography break in the fertile Thessalia’s flat land. The plain stretches for miles in all directions and the wheat and other crops cultivation create an interesting uniform visual; a great chance for a different approach in landscape photography that results in images of a completely different style. As we reach Athens in the evening, we have included a last night sleep in the city in order to have a good rest and be ready for whatever your plans are for the next day. Farewell hugs and greetings among friends that have shared an intimate photography & travel experience!

Day 9
You pack your luggage taking along with your memories, your perception in photography broadened and your skills refined. Morning check out and time either to continue your trip in Greece or to take the way back to your home. Whatever you do, it’ s your choices in life that matters!



– Accommodation in Athens at the 4star hotel, Persicope
– Accommodation in Meteora: in Dellas Hotel
– Accommodation in Zagorochoria at the traditional Saxonis Guesthouse
– All transfers with private cars to the referred scheduled places.
– Home made breakfast.
– 1 welcome dinner and 1 farewell dinner.
– Photographer & escort to every photography location.


Single room supplement € 380.
If you are traveling alone and wish to find a room mate to share a twin bedroom, we will try to match you with another guest of the same sex and desired profile requesting the same.

profileNikos Kokkas was born in south-western Germany, near Stuttgart in 1972. He grew up in Thessaloniki but his family immigrated to Germany for a second time when he was 15 years old. That functioned in a way as a “new beginning” in his life and that was the point where he started expressing a growing interest on travel and photography simultaneously. He bought his first SLR camera, a Minolta X-700 by the age of 16 and started discovering the endless aspects of light, in colour and B&W. Carrying a camera on a daily basis, it started being obvious how his life would proceed. Self taught and having already travelled a lot in Europe, “camera in hand”, he returned to Greece in 1995, to Athens, with only one aim: to start working as a freelance journalist and photographer.

With a growing economy in the press at the time, and speaking three foreign languages, English, German and a little French, Nikos started producing and publishing his own subjects. His topics which drew inspiration from Greece and other parts of the world ranged from architecture and interior design, to travel and social issues. So far he has produced and published over 60 travel and social issues from Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A., Israel, Panama, Zambia, England, Ireland, Oman. He was a member of the Greek edition of National Geographic Magazine, having produced 6 subjects from different places in Greece with a certain point of view. A few years ago, he also developed an interest in portraiture making it a very important part of his work until today. He has collaborated with numerous major Greek magazines and newspapers. Part of his work can be seen on his website www.nikoskokkas.com , on facebook Nikos Kokkas and the facebook group Nikos Kokkas’ Pictures.

He lives in Athens.


Coming soon..

Coming soon..

DSLR’s or Mirrorless are preferred with a wide and a telephoto lens. In addition, its recommended you bring a lightweight tripod, extra memory cards and a laptop. Once completing registration, you will be contacted by the photography instructors and you will be sent the full list of the prerequisites.

Trecking shoes & clothes & pole for easy trecking



Our 2018 highlight, a new entry in our photography trips that we are thrilled to share with adventurers photographers.
The majestic scenery of Meteora with the monolithic vertical cliffs, a gift to landscape enthusiasts. The Zagorochoria villages with their unique traditional architecture, settled among the steep slopes of the mountain range and finally to reach the ultimate locale of the mythical Dragon lake on the edge of the cliffs!


PRICE:  2900 23 June -01 July 2018

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