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Οn the outstanding island of Tinos, enjoy a unique photography holiday, the combined experience of travelling and creative learning in a 7-day photography holiday workshop and sharpen your photography skills with the guidance of our expert photographer Nikos Kokkas. In a friendly casual format, our photography workshops offer in-depth, hands-on photography instruction, integrated talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day’s schedule. The experience includes the joy of the company, tradiotional villa accomodation, good food, fascinating places to be and time to have fun and relax.

PRICE:  2500 28 July -04 August 2018


The idea throughout your photography travel workshop is to have daily photo shoots that we can view and discuss at the end of the day. Each day we will take one or two tours around the island to visit designated sites and work on specified photo projects. Our aim is to cover as many areas of photography as possible, such as archaeological, street, architectural, landscape and portrait photography.

Although instructors will provide technical tips and tricks throughout the duration of your photography holiday, the workshop will emphasize on what makes images interesting rather than simply technically correct. Provisions will be made so that we may download and quick-view images on a daily basis. Instructors will be available to comment on your images individually. Furthermore, there will be two long group sessions -halfway and at the end of the photo workshop- to review the photos taken by all participants, to discuss them technically and aesthetically, and to explore post-processing options.

Upon registering, you will be contacted by the instructors via e-mail. You will be sent a short questionnaire and a multiple choice test to establish your skill level as well as your photographic needs and wants. This will help instructors prepare for individual counselling.



Tinos, our favourite island, is a unique travel and photography destination. Besides the typical characteristics of the Cyclades Islands, Tinos is defined by rich history and a long tradition in the arts, which impart a genuine, refined character to the island. Combined with diversified scenery, distinctive villages, a multitude of amazing beaches, exquisite food and the famous Greek light of the Aegean Sea, Tinos is certainly a one-of-a-kind photography travel experience .

Upon your arrival at the Greek island of Tinos, we will be waiting for you at the port. From there, we will drive to our “home”, in one of the charming villages of the island. After settling in, our Greece Photo Workshop photography workshop will kick-off with its first theoretical introduction and equipment check to ensure everything is ready for the photography outing of the following day. Later, we will get to know each other a bit better around the dinner table as we enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

After our breakfast, we will head out for our 1st photography trip session in the village of Pyrgos. Pyrgos is arguably one of the most beautiful villages in Tinos and the entire Cyclades region. We will wander, cameras in hand, through the narrow alleys, have coffee in the square under the old plane tree, and visit and photograph the famous Museum of Marble Crafts as well as the Pyrgos Branch of the School of Fine Arts. We will then make a short stop at the fishing village of Panormos before continuing to a nearby secluded beach. This golden sandy beach is an ideal photography location, as it is surrounded by rocks of exceptional morphology. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the clear water of the large enclosed bay and rest under the shade of the tamarisk trees. Late in the afternoon we will dine at a fish taverna in Panormos, before returning home for the photographic review of the day.

After breakfast, we will start the day early by photographing the small coastal settlement of Malli. En route we will make a photo stop at the marble mines. After photographing and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the beautifully shaped bays of the area, we will rest at home for a few hours. Later in the afternoon we will embark on another photography excursion, this time to the village of Tarabados, famous for its large number of dovecotes, the trademark of the island. If there is time, we will also make a stop at the Costas Tsoclis Museum before heading off to dinner.


Today’s Greece Photo Workshop will take us to one of our favourite photography workshop destinations, the village of Kardiani. Kardiani is one of the most exquisite villages of Tinos, a village forgotten in time with great photographic potential, built on a steep slope with a breathtaking view reaching as far as the neighboring island of Syros. After coffee in the traditional village café we will delve into portrait photography by capturing the friendly faces of the locals. We will continue our photo tour at Vathy beach, where the transfer of marble once took place by being loaded onto traditional fishing boats. There, we will swim, photograph the old warehouse ruins, and rest under the shade of the trees. Then, we will visit the highly photogenic village of Isternia for an ideal sunset photo session. We will end the day at the port of Isternia with a fish and seafood dinner on the waterfront at the renowned Taverna Thalassaki.


Day Five of the Greece Photo Workshops photography holiday is review day. We will spend as much time as necessary presenting and analyzing our photographic material, and discussing the post-processing of photographs. Afterwards, we will head to our next photographic destination, Livada, one of the most impressive beaches of the island. After capturing the beauty of the wild landscape and enjoying the waters of the bay, we will continue our photography trip to a marvelous restored lighthouse. At dusk we will head for the capital of the island and visit the renowned church of the Virgin Mary with its “miraculous” icon. Although the bustling town is the most touristic part of the island, it still deserves to be part of our photo tour, especially if we are lucky to encounter the awe inspiring pilgrims making their way up from the port to the church on their knees! Our day will conclude with a delicious dinner in the town’s oldest restaurant.


On Day Six of the Greece Photo Workshops we will focus on landscape photography and embark on a photography excursion to the fertile plains in Livadi. We will continue our photo tour and of course enjoy a swim in Kolympithra’s beautiful beach. After our lunch stop in the traditional village of Agapi we will return home for a siesta. Later on we will visit a landscape of particular photographic interest just outside the village of Volax, a stretch of land littered with countless egg-shaped granite boulders, a geological phenomenon which captivates photographers’ imagination and puzzles scientists to this day (the most likely explanation is a meteorite fall). We will conclude Day Six of the Greece Photo Workshops photography workshop around the dinner table at the village of Volax.


On the last day of our photography holiday we will visit Apigania beach to photograph its two magnificent secluded bays. At midday we will return home for our final photo review. There will be plenty of time after the photo review to visit the village and take -what else- some more photos! After seven wonderful days we will bid farewell to Tinos with a party under the stars on the ambient sea view terrace of Exomeria Lounge.


Departure day. After breakfast, a few free hours to spend as you wish before you leave. We will exchange contact details and wishes to see each other again, perhaps in a future Greece Photo Workshop photography holiday!


– Accommodation*  in a country side traditional hotel or houses (depends of the availability by the moment of your registration).
– All transfers with private cars to the referred scheduled places.
– Βreakfasts
– 1 home made snack prepared for you each day.
– 1 welcome dinner and 1 farewell dinner.
– Photographer & escort to every photography location.

*House or hotel accommodation is provided on a double occupancy basis.

Single room supplement € 400.
If you are traveling alone and wish to find a room mate to share a twin bedroom, we will try to match you with another guest of the same sex and desired profile requesting the same.

profileNikos Kokkas was born in south-western Germany, near Stuttgart in 1972. He grew up in Thessaloniki but his family immigrated to Germany for a second time when he was 15 years old. That functioned in a way as a “new beginning” in his life and that was the point where he started expressing a growing interest on travel and photography simultaneously. He bought his first SLR camera, a Minolta X-700 by the age of 16 and started discovering the endless aspects of light, in colour and B&W. Carrying a camera on a daily basis, it started being obvious how his life would proceed. Self taught and having already travelled a lot in Europe, “camera in hand”, he returned to Greece in 1995, to Athens, with only one aim: to start working as a freelance journalist and photographer.

With a growing economy in the press at the time, and speaking three foreign languages, English, German and a little French, Nikos started producing and publishing his own subjects. His topics which drew inspiration from Greece and other parts of the world ranged from architecture and interior design, to travel and social issues. So far he has produced and published over 60 travel and social issues from Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A., Israel, Panama, Zambia, England, Ireland, Oman. He was a member of the Greek edition of National Geographic Magazine, having produced 6 subjects from different places in Greece with a certain point of view. A few years ago, he also developed an interest in portraiture making it a very important part of his work until today. He has collaborated with numerous major Greek magazines and newspapers. Part of his work can be seen on his website www.nikoskokkas.com , on facebook Nikos Kokkas and the facebook group Nikos Kokkas’ Pictures.

He lives in Athens.

The shortest way to reach Tinos is to use the ferryboats departing from the port of Rafina, since this port is closer to the island and to Athens International Airport as well. Conventional ferryboats boats depart to Tinos daily, in the morning and in the afternoon. The trip lasts 4 hours, with one intermediate stop at the port of Andros. The fare costs 25 EUR.

The boats are modern, pleasant and safe. At the same time, during the summer months, Tinos can also be reached by high-speed boats, departing also both in the morning and in the afternoon. The trip with these boats lasts only 2 hours, once again with one intermediate stop at the port of Andros, while the fare costs approximately 50 EUR. You have to keep in mind though that when it is very windy (+6 on the Beaufort scale), the high-speed boats are most susceptible to heavy pitching so we only recommend them if you are well accustomed to the sea.

Tinos has no airport. However, you can fly to Mykonos and then take a high speed or ferry boat to Tinos, which takes less than an hour.

There are two ways to reach the port of Rafina from Athens International Airport
a) Intercity busses (KTEL) conducting regular AIRPORT-RAFINA routes
b) TAXIs found immediately as you exit the main building [exits 2&3].

The trip lasts 30′ and costs 35-37 EUR at day time and 50 EUR in the night (from 0:00 until 5:00) — If you are in Athens, in the port of Piraeus or anywhere else and need our help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For information and ticket reservations you can visit the following sites:
Rafina Port Authority (for information about weather conditions and timetables)
Travel Agency Nikos Togias (for information about timetables, as well as for your tickets reservations)
KTEL Service (Intercity Bus System)
for the Prefecture of Attica (for information about bus timetables from the airport to the port of Rafina)
Athens airport taxi and athensonlinetaxi.gr (for information about taxi fares, as well as for taxi reservations at an extra cost)

The weather in Tinos is the typical good warm weather of Greece and furthermore the typical one of cyclades complex of islands. This means from April to October warm gradually from 20 °C -35°C degrees (68 °F / 95 °F) though in the Cycladic  islands the fresh wind makes it more chilly so better for those not familiar with warm climates.

For more precise weather forecast, we’ll send you analytical information about, 15 days before your arrival to the island

The population of the island is 5000 in the winter and is three times multiplied in the summer thus the island has the necessary infrastructure: banks, public services, organized health system, hospital and drugstores, commercial stores, travel agencies and whatever you may need.

Since we will take walks, comfortable shoes are required. On a warm sunny day, we strongly urge you wear a hat and dress lightly. Some sunscreen might also help!

Try not to over pack with heavy photography equipment. If you do not know what to pack for your tour, we will be happy to consult.

When photographing in archaeological sites or Museums, tripods and flash are not allowed. All photographs in archaeological sites or Museums are for our own personal use, selling your images or using for commercial purposes requires a special photography license issued by the Greek Ministry for Education and Culture. When we have a street – photography tour, you may need to ask people if it is OK to take their picture. If you have a language problem or feel uncomfortable, let us do the talking ;-)

DSLR’s or Mirrorless are preferred, but todays high-end compact cameras are very impressive. In addition, its recommended you bring a lightweight tripod, extra memory cards and a laptop. Once completing registration, you will be contacted by the photography instructors and you will be sent the full list of the prerequisites.



Οn the outstanding island of Tinos, enjoy a unique photography holiday, the combined experience of travelling and creative learning in a 7-day photography holiday workshop and sharpen your photography skills with the guidance of our expert photographer Nikos Kokkas. In a friendly casual format, our photography workshops offer in-depth, hands-on photography instruction, integrated talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day’s schedule. The experience includes the joy of the company, tradiotional villa accomodation, good food, fascinating places to be and time to have fun and relax.

PRICE:  2500 28 July -04 August 2018

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